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We design great products

Product design is what we do. We take an idea, some functionality, a brand identity and a lot of creativity and we bring it all together to make real products that have real purpose.

Ideas, Innovation and Sustainable Product Design

We use creativity and design to improve lives, communities and businesses.

Brand Development

Crafting brand strategies around credible narratives as the platform to launch new businesses or reinvent existing ones.

Our ability to create brand identities that really work, allows our clients to establish their businesses on strong foundations and focused voices that penetrate markets.

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Product Design

A user-centered and function-centred approach to product design processes, from sketch, through 3D CAD and into production

Our practicality and creativity balanced approach is what ensures that the products we design work as intended, while incorporating innovation and intellectual property to your business.

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Design for Sustainabilily

We treat each and every design project as an opportunity to improve the sustainability of that item.

We look at the details to see where we can make a difference, this can be as simple as insisting that the correct recycling codes be applied or reducing and optimising the weight, materials and number of components

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We understand what makes businesses future-fit, and we know how to make it happen.

With 20 years experience working for design consultancies in London, Spain and now Sri Lanka, Colombo Design Studio director Lee Bazalgette leads our team of young, enthusiastic and dedicated designers. We use this experience to drive new thinking into the many sectors that we work in, from creating new, purposeful brands, to developing production-ready consumer products.

Website Design and Build

Online representations of businesses designed to cut through the digital clutter and reach the right markets.

The websites we build are responsive, browser compliant and compatible across all devices from computers to smartphones, with active shopping carts, booking systems, social network updates and much, much more.

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3D Printing and Prototyping

Complex shapes and ideas brought into three dimensional form—technology working with human creativity.

3D printing is revolutionising manufacturing processes, halving lead times and combining the best of human and technological capabilities. We collaborate with everyone from large manufacturers, new businesses to like-minded entrepreneurs.

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Videos and Visualisation

Projections of future realities rendered accurately into the here-and-now so your decisions are as informed as they can be.

Our photorealistic visualisations draw from the multidisciplinary skill set of a team of rendering artists and 3D specialists—a combination that produces reliable depictions of ideas that are still in the making.

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