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Maritime Silk Route Museum


KDS had been approached to design the interior for a new Maritime Silk Route museum for the city of Colombo. This was to showcase the ancient history of Sri Lanka and it's importance to early trade routes which gave rise to a highly advanced civilisation centred around Anuradhapura in the North of the country. They approached us to partner on the project to create the identity, signage and way-finding and information boards.


Since there is a limited amount of physical artifacts pertaining to that period of time the aim was to create a highly technologically advanced museum using advanced 3D projection technology and AR to bring the information to life. We set about creating an identity and communication system that would be flexible enough to adapt to the as yet unknown quantity of information, and that would be able to take the visitors on a clear journey along the Silk Route timeline.


We used the lines found on a nautical compass rose as the foundation of the design, coupled with the notion of a 'thread of silk' to weave in and around the space thus creating a continuous story from the start to the end of the space.

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