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February 9, 2017 By adminCDS

Rebranding a 50 year old garment company

A while ago we were approached by Timex Garments (Private) Limited to help them rebrand their company in preparation for some re-structuring within the group.

Although we’d already worked with them on a recruitment video, it was very flattering to have them entrust their brand overhaul in us, and we set to it with extra creativity and enthusiasm to see what we could come up with.

To kick off the process we sent our creative designers to their Colombo HQ to spend the day with them getting under the skin of what the company is all about. This was about understanding the culture and essence of the brand, to see, hear and feel first hand what the company is all about.

After that we set about sketching out initial ideas in order to rapidly create and explore different design routes.


These we stuck on the wall and as a team went through them to see which ones we felt best captured the mood and story that we wanted to tell.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 17.54.04

Once we had refined it down to six or so concepts we worked these up to a quality that we could take and present to Timex. We find it helps to mock up various uses of the logo in order to better demonstrate the design. Each logo that we presented had a great ‘story’ that we felt gave a different emphasis to the brand as a whole.

T&FG rebrand

The final design that was chosen has many elements to describe the Timex brand. We have threads, both waves and rigid, which combine to show both the fun, creative side of the company, as well as the serious ‘get stuff done’ side. The outer form takes on the proportion of a clothes tag, which is obviously relevant to Timex, but also can be seen as a window : looking into the company and framing those threads as described.


We chose a modern, slender font for the T&FG name and a rich colour set to bring it all to life, and put the whole thing together in a brand guideline book.



Visit the T&FG Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to find out more about what they do.